HOLYROOD CASINO July 31st and August 1st 2016

The Holyrood Community League Casino will take place on Sunday July 31st and Monday August 1st (Civic Holiday) at Baccarat Casino, downtown.

We are looking for 35 more volunteers to work either a day or a night shift.  Please consider volunteering. With your help we hope to receive approximately $75,000 to fund new and existing programs, events (like our annual block party), and maintain our hall and rink.

There is free parking on site for volunteers, and a free meal at the casino during your shift.

For more information about the upcoming casino, volunteer descriptions or to sign up, please email Justine at secretary@holyroodcommunity.org or call 780-462-1513. You could also sign up here using Volunteer Spot: click here

Thanks for making a difference in your community!